Never ashamed of someone who uses his brain, man made climate cHange is a fraud, just ask every normal geologist and you will hear that the climate changes every 40.000 years up and down, and your socalled scientists try to debunk that with science over 30-35 years on a world that is appr. 4,5 billion years old. How stupid is that.
Just start looking for info and you will find that allready more then 31.000 scientists tell you that the whole mann made climate change is a BS story
@dutchpatriot im trying to explain from years how nord and south pole changing their positions but who listen...
Oooooh you're trying to explain something? You ^ mean something else besides your anti-women bullshit! Misogyny and vulgarity! Persecution and so on. WoWz that's a trillion fake dollars secret revealed by a psycho.
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do you want to team up with Bashar al-Assad or? Who? That one who keeps closing his vulgarity filled profiles ^ or me?
If you mean me: I go for the or, Warlock! (: